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Hey, have you ever thought that your humanity is a gift? Because I finally did.

I always wonder what was Jesus doing when he was at the same age as I am. Until now, I always wonder what was Jesus doing when he was 24 or 25. What did he do when everyone around Him was getting married before their 30s while He just started to live the peak of His ministry (career) on His 30 knowing that he’ll die at 33?

Did he ever have a pimple too? Did he care about his hairstyle, or did he ever hated it that he cannot wear jeans the way I hated that my jeans do not have pockets? Did he complain about how far a place is as he travel by feet in the same way I complain about a delay on the train and the bart when ig was under maintenance. Did he ever felt anxious on what the people say about Him?

I’m sure he felt tired, sleepy, hungry, and felt emotions.

It is okay to feel emotion and face the reality. In fact, even “Jesus wept”, and when he was on the night before He was crucified, He prayed to the father if He can take away that cup of suffering away from Him, so he can escape death. But, he still says not his will but God’s will be done. I learned so much in Jesus’ humanity as much as His deity. I realized and am still learning that Jesus was as human as I when he came on earth.

How much pressure did he felt? How much homesickness did he endure being away from his home, mother, father, and even His Heavenly Father? I wonder how he had so much emotional stability and appreciated His emotions. Through reading about His life, I witnessed Him grieving when he lost his cousin, John the Baptist, who was beheaded and his head was placed on a silver platter, or when He was deeply moved in the lost of His friend Lazarus while he was far away.
I appreciated Him when he stood for women when they didn’t have a voice and rights on their time. When they were oppressed and unvaluable, He find worth in them and looked them in their eyes with intentional love for them. He offered perfect unfiltered compassion to them. In the book of John 11:33, it says that “When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was greatly moved in His spirit and greatly troubled”. How great is that trouble? How heavy is it? How big is that compassion. Many times I replay over and over in my head how Jesus did not only automatically operate in love and compassion, HE FELT all these inner turmoil and roiling emotions of desperation and pity for the unfortunate. He felt emotional pains, rejections of others before His own. Many times, Jesus responded with a profound pity and brokenness for the needy with his heart also broken for them: When the 2 blind men ask to receive sight (Mk. 20:30–31) or the leper needing a cleansing (Mk.1:40), or simply seeing a distressed broken hearted widow, or when a mother, who is a widow lost her only son (Lk7:11–17). These emotional life of Jesus made me understand my emotions, and live the extensive depth of feeling. Our humanity is a gift. It. will. always. be.
Especially if we discover how to have a perfect balance, proportion, and control while also feeling it on the other hand. I believe that we have to acknowledge our humanity because in our humanity, that is where we experience that we needed Him and we can relate with Him as we grow. There, I believe we may experience how wonderfully we are created to feel emotions and use these emotions to bring out the character of godly emotion in us. It was terrifying that I may have condemned these emotions and labelled them as carnal without understanding that Jesus may have felt these too, yet He never sinned. He who knew no sin. . So, it is important for us to do an honest estimate of what is going on. Lastly, there is nothing wrong on having questions and doubts. Christians must embrace these because doubts and questions will lead us to the pursuit of truth if we truly thirst for Jesus. It will lead us to destinations God destined us just like when we first heard the gospel of salvation, we reached our destiny of either rejecting it or embracing it. I hope that we become people who are merciful, kind, gentle, enduring long suffering, patient and loving, bearing all the works of the Holy Spirit.
I hope that we begin to see Jesus’ glory on His deity and on His humanity while also enjoying our humanity and capability to feel emotions.
He is truly amazing.

Coming to you in grace,
The Msg Diaries

p.s. things I find beneficial reading and watching this as part of my devotional times with the Lord:

  1. Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
    to read https://www.crossway.org/books/gentle-and-lowly-hcj/
    ebook https://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Lowly-Christ-Sinners-Sufferers-ebook/dp/B086GWZ6CY

2. The Chosen series.
Free https://watch.angelstudios.com/thechosen



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